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Cross-Channel Tracking System Package
How to Know the ROI For EVERY Penny You Spend Online

Discover The Hidden Gold Mine

Track everything so you know where your traffic is coming from, how your websites are converting, and where to focus your time, attention, and money to grow

“Half of my marketing budget is wasted, I just don’t know which half.”

We hear it all the time! Is this something you are experiencing too? Many business owners when they contact us have no idea about where their traffic is coming from, who is buying, nor where is the money best spend. They are completely clueless!

Set Up a Cross-Channel Tracking System
Collect Customer and Market Data
Analyze this Data for Greater Conversions
Make Data-Driven Decisions to Target the Right Audience

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is its online measurement

Why do many firms struggle to embrace this advantage?

1. Complex and Ever-Changing Channel Structure

  • Digital marketing instruments come and go quickly. Consumers use multiple channels and a variety of digital devices with different protocols, specifications, and interfaces. Understanding and integrating various digital marketing instruments correctly is not an easy task.

2. Missing Cross-Channel Tracking System

  • When consumers visit your site, they leave behind a huge trail of data. It is possible to track individual consumers across time, location, devices, interests and much more. With measurement, comes the ability to optimize your digital strategy.

3. Lack of Big Data Analytic Skills

  • Unfortunately, digital data is often not integrated into operations and business activities. As a result, many businesses struggle to find the right data in order to make the best strategic and tactical decisions.

Measurement + Analytic = Increase in ROI

  • By using digital marketing channels and methods, you can analyze your marketing campaigns to understand what is working and what isn’t — IN REAL TIME!
  • Only an integrated marketing analytics system can help you make the most accurate decisions possible.

Noah's Partners

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  • 1. Google Analytics
  • 2. Google Tag Manager
  • 3. Search Console
  • 4. Google Adwords
  • 5. E-Commerce Store
  • 6. Goal tracking
  • – Call Tracking
  • – App Tracking
  • – Event Tracking
  • – Form Submission Tracking
  • 7. Google Merchant Center
  • 8. Facebook Ads Manager
  • 9. Bing Ads

Basic Tracking

$499 / one-time free

Campaign Tracking

$999 / one-time free
  • choose up to two
  •  + 300 to become premium

Advanced Tracking

$1999 / one-time free
  • premium w/ full-record & number


After we finish your comprehensive tracking system. If you would like us to monitor all of your information for you, and provide you with suggestion and actions plan each month, then don’t miss out on our on-going monthly report services below.

  • 1. Overall Digital Marketing Performance
  • 2. Traffic and Conversion by Channel
  • 3. Traffic and Conversion by Channel and City
  • 4. Paid Search Campaign Management and Optimization
  • – Google AdWords
  • – Facebook
  • – Bing
  • 5. Keywords Position and Optimization
  • 6. Search Engin Optimization (SEO)
  • – Identify the problems
  • – Recommendations
  • 7. Social Media Performance
  • 8. Action Plan and Suggestion for Next Month

Additional Monthly Report

$99 / monthly

Additional Monthly Report

$149 / monthly

Additional Monthly Report

$199 / monthly

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