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Nowadays everything is online. EVEN local businesses. Millions of mobile customers use local search every day to find the best local businesses in their area. 3 out of 4 people check businesses online before going to the store physically.

Local SEO is essential for a local business, and without your business ranking at the top, you are going to lose a huge chunk of potential customers.

Is your business on the top of the local search result page? If not, you are going to love this 5-step system to come up on top of local mobile searches.

It is easy to get comfortable and stop learning new approaches to marketing. Traditional marketing has been around for decades, and for many of us, it is hard to see outside of the box sometimes. Nowadays everything is instant. Things are available when you need them. People want everything to be quick and easy. Having a notable online presence and exposure will help your business tremendously. If you are still debating which channel of marketing you should choose (traditional marketing vs. digital marketing), keep reading…

On Tuesday afternoon, March 13th, Noah co-hosted the Partner Connect with Google at our office.

We were very excited to have over ten entrepreneurs and business owners sign up and attend the event. We had the great pleasure of speaking with the attendees who were very interested in taking the advantages of digital marketing to grow their businesses. We showed them one of our clients as an example, DY Printing Box, a small business that has tripled their sales within 18 months with the help of digital marketing.

Many create their website, run ads, and forget about it. However, if you want your website to succeed, you have to audit and optimize it! The online world is changing every day, and we have to keep up with it.  Your regular website audit should be at least once a year, ideally twice a year. 

Auditing a website can be overwhelming due to the number of areas there is to optimize. From technical issues to SEO, and content, there is a lot that needs to be audited. The best part? It can always be improved.