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Trochi Luggage

Double the sales in less than 2 months!
Digital Marketing Case Study Trochi Luggage

Trochi Luggage was founded in 2015. For about 3 years, they promoted their luxury luggage with traditional marketing. The product is very high quality, and their brand is well perceived in the GTA. They wanted to gain more exposure online.


The Challenge

Like many new websites, Trochi’s website did not get much traffic. Though the product is high-quality and has all the desired features that made them stand out from their competitors, they didn’t have a very clear USP (Unique Selling Proposition) indicated on their website.

The Strategy

First, we sat down with Trochi to decide what their Unique Selling Proposition was going to be. This is critical to stand out from your competition, especially in a highly competitive industry.  We took over their website and optimized it so that it could be marketing ready and user-friendly. We did on-page SEO for each product page and implemented a conversion tracking system to see where the traffic was coming from, and how users were behaving on their website. Then we launched their Google Ads campaign.


Double the sales in less than 2 months!

After launching their Google Ads campaigns, their results were very slow for the first month. With the conversion tracking system, we began to investigate the loopholes on their website to improve areas that weren’t working. Trochi’s results have completely skyrocketed. Now they have been receiving sales from different channels, almost 1 sale a day. 

Key Takeaways

As a business with a lot of competition, and a new website, paid search is the quickest way to bring traffic to a website. A perfect combination of paid search and SEO will help you drive quality traffic instantly, build consistent traffic, and skyrocket your sales.
Monitoring and tracking your campaign closely is the key to success. Optimize your campaign weekly by adding new keywords, and adjusting your bidding and daily budget for optimal results. In this case, auditing their shopping ads and the website was critical. By analyzing their users’ behavior we started to learn the patterns and optimized the website accordingly.

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