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School House Student Living

675% increase in traffic and 450% increase in conversions!
School House Student Living

School House, a student rental property management company, created their website in April 2017 for their student retail properties in Barrie. The website was not optimized and there was no conversion tracking system set in place to collect the website data.

The Challenge

Since they had just started promoting online, their digital marketing budget was very limited. They were facing strong competition in the real estate market. Their brand new website, was not optimized and there was no conversion tracking system set in place to gather data. This was like driving a car with a blindfold. When a website is brand new, there is no ranking in search engines; meaning there is no traffic coming to the website. If people can’t find you in the search engines, then there is no way to reach them. With the right amount of SEO and Paid Search, a brand new website can start to rank.

The Strategy

Since our client had strong competition, we decided to focus on consumer trust as their Unique Selling Point (USP).  We started to create content that would help their clients, the students. We wrote blog content for their website with converting keywords in the market. Instead of only promoting, this added value to the students and cultivated consumer trust. The virtual tours provided a transparent showcase of the rooms and houses. The instructions, conditions and descriptions were clear and simple so that student could feel safe with the property management company. All content in the website had high converting keywords to increase the engine ranking. We also optimized the website layout to improve user-experience, implemented SEO fundamentals, and built their cross-channel conversion tracking system. Then, we launched Google AdWords and Facebook campaigns. Based on our experience, this is the most effective strategy for clients with a brand new site.


828.57% increase in traffic with an accurate conversion tracking system.

The leads started to flow in from multiple digital channels – Paid Search, Display, Facebook, Organic Search, Referrals, Direct, etc.  Six months of digital marketing later, their organic search increased by 675%. The conversions from organic search increased by 450% and the conversions from paid search by 166%. With a data-driven strategy, we reduced the bounce rate, while increasing the conversion rate. What’s even better is that 50% of leads came from organic search. This is incredible!

Key Takeaways

You need to start by doing your research and knowing what you need. From campaign settings, keywords, ad copies, display banners to landing pages. Make sure everything is done right and everything is optimized. This case study demonstrates that no matter how new your business is, you can win big time if you use the right strategy!
Monitoring and tracking your campaign closely is the key to success. Optimize your campaigns weekly by adding new keywords, by adjusting your bidding and daily budget for optimal results. We see an exponential growth in a matter of 6 months. Data does not lie. With the ads we run at the beginning, we are able to pinpoint the audience, and how to reach them at the most cost-efficient way possible. You will be shocked at the difference in results! Jumping into digital marketing can be scary, but the results are worth it.

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