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Google Adwords to Google Ads Everything you need to know

From Google AdWords to Google Ads: Everything You Need To Know

Google AdWords is leaving its name after 18 amazing years, and launching an optimized service called Google Ads. Announced on July 10 on a LiveStream, Google wants to keep improving small businesses’ online exposure and make it even simpler for them to market themselves. By optimizing their services, the shift is happening mainly on Google’s current keyword focus. Lately, the main aspect for Google was its keywords, but now it will be focused on other formats as well, making ads a lot more flexible and diverse. From Google AdWords to Google Ads: everything you need to know is right here. A new advertising service tool that works for everyone; Google has based all these changes on 500 billion feedback comments from individuals! Crazy, right?

With fewer limitations and complexity on ads, Google is making the process a lot smoother for many businesses. This means that the power of digital marketing will only keep on skyrocketing, and competition will be as high as ever.
Google’s Goals:

→ Better results
→ Simple experiences
→ Stronger collaboration

How Google plans to achieve these goals:

→ Performance on YouTube
→ Better, more relevant search ads
→ Deeper insights that make it easier for you to better understand your customers

Video, Social Media, & Insights Driven

With video content and social media becoming so popular lately, this is what prompted the new change and optimization in Google AdWords. Making the best use of voice search and mobile optimization, there will be a lot more information and tools available for businesses to continue to develop online marketing strategies that support ever-changing updates. For the first time, Google is focusing and paying great attention to social media campaigns and will incorporate this instrumental tool for advertising to be a smooth process across all channels. This meaning that alongside a much simpler way to advertise across digital channels, there will be reports for each ad across all channels including social media.

As most advertisers know, Youtube ads are quite expensive. With the focus on video content and advertising products on videos, on Facebook & Youtube, there will be an opportunity to pay less and reach even more people. As businesses are leaving behind TV commercials and printed ads, the budget spent on ads will be actualized and modified to reach the most people possible and a lower cost.

Google Adwords to Google Ads Everything you need to know consumers in 2018Consumers are actively searching what not to buy They are also searching complex things about life. Such as “things to do tonight”. The upcoming consumer wants helpful, personal, and frictionless. The dialogue has changed.

Digital marketing is no longer the undergod, or even a competitor, it has become an everyday integration, it is meaningful and its the most effective way of marketing. Consumers are aware of how they are being marketed to, and how their data is being used. In such a digital era, consumers are not naive to deceptive ads. Consumers want you to be valuable, transparent and trustworthy. Studies show that deceptive ads will kill your sales. Google is giving us more tools to understand and satisfy our client’s intent. It is no longer about getting quick answers, you have to give them meaningful assistance.

Ads should add value. People still expect you (as marketers) to deliver their need, in a personal, customized way, time and time again.

Google Adwords to Google Ads Everything you need to know businesses



  • 91% of smartphone owners bought or plan to buy something after seeing an ad that was relevant
  • People pay 3X more attention to relevant video ads


Google Ads New Features


New YouTube Ad Tools:

  • > 1.9 B monthly users
  • > 1B hours watched daily
  • Overall conversions inspired by YouTube, have grown by 150% in the last year
  • Over 70% of YouTube campaigns drove a significant lift in in-store

TrueView for Reach: this format helps you bring awareness across a broad set of customers. It brings a primary mainstream format together with the simplicity of impressions. Essentially, a promotional set of messages to market to different, customized audiences.

TrueView for Action: optimized to drive conversions directly to your website. Call-to-action will remain throughout your video, and stay even when the video is completed. Banner/Action can be tailored for a specific goal. Leads consumers directly from video ads to your landing page.

Google Adwords to Google Ads Everything you need to know search ads


Maximize Lift Bidding (available next year): New bidding strategy. Used with Google machine learning, to help you reach people who are more likely to consider your brand after exposure to an ad.


Search Ads:

Focused on machine learning (available for English ads over the next few months). Responsive search ads will be more flexible ads, that simplify the ad creation and testing process while delivering better results, powered by google machine learning, mix and match different headlines and descriptions to help find the best combination. Unique and tailored messages. These ads can display up to 3 different, 30 character headlines, and 2 different, 90 character description lines. 90% more information on your ads, which will communicate more benefits and information for your consumers.

  • You Provide:
    – 15 headlines
    – 4 description lines
  • Google Uses:
    – 3 headlines
    – 2 description lines

Google Adwords to Google Ads Everything you need to know responsive ads


Mobile Support

  • Landing page speed score
  • Ten point scale
  • Based on multiple factors
  • Updated daily


Cross-Device Reporting and Remarketing

  • Combine data from people who visit your site multiple times across different devices. For the first time EVER, you can get a consolidated view of how users behave on your site no matter the device they are using. These reports will link trends together, revealing data we’ve never had access to before. Easier to measure the true value of your marketing across all channels, and how different consumers behave on different devices. A powerful way to discover new trends and insights focused on devices.


Google Adwords to Google Ads Everything you need to know cross device reporting


Smart Campaigns:

  • Machine Learning & Automated Targeting: 3X better at getting ads in front of the right audience.
  • With machine learning and automated targeting, Google is helping small businesses more than ever. Business will be able to take advantage of smart campaigns, in which they will do their own social media campaigns and the targeting will be automated.
  • Nearly half of small businesses in the U.S do not have a website – Google is introducing a new solution for this: Auto-optimized landing pages.


Local Campaigns

  • The goal is to allow local and small business to reach a lot more people with their limited budget. Larger businesses tend to target a lot of people, usually overtaking the ranking online and making smaller businesses invisible. This way, ads will be more geo-focused and will allow businesses to truly represent themselves and start ranking based on location. No more irrelvant local ads. Who else is happy about this one? I know I am!

Google Adwords to Google Ads Everything you need to know local campaignsDisplay & Video 360

  • Work together as a team with the same tool and  access to the same information
  • Gallery for ads, formats, mobile-first, respectable of the user, and drive great response with features
  • Quickly customize format by dragging and dropping aspects of your ads
  • Create variations of the ads customized for different audiences
  • Map each version of the app to audiences created
  • Customized and automated reports to measure different kinds of performance with data that takes 2 seconds


Integration Center: Designed to offer choice

  • Will help you connect with 3rd party tools
  • Over 100 integrations

There are even more new features that Google Ads will provide. These are the most significant ones, expected to really transform the way we currently do marketing. Don’t worry, we will keep you updated as new ones continue to emerge.

Google AdWords is constantly changing and improving the same way everyone else should. With more and more online marketing tools available, there will be a lot more competition, and opportunity for everyone. If you take advantage of these new rules and use them to benefit your business, your business will strive. At Noah, we make sure we are always updated with the latest trends and tools so that we can serve our clients with the best practices available.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask us, we’re here to help.

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