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Dr. Tang Bin

The Road To Digital Marketing – All About Dr. Tang Bin

Bin Tang, Ph.D., President & CEO, is a Google advertising certified Professional and search engine optimization (SEO) expert who has been in the digital marketing field since the beginning. Bin also works as a Search Engine Marketing Consultant and has previously worked with FlightNetwork.com, VisualSonics.com and many more! Check out how it all started.

Dr. Tang Bin funder of noah digital marketing

Continue on the scientific road or take a turn?

On January 1, 2001, Dr. Tang Bin had just completed his studies in the United States. He finished a Ph.D. in immunology from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine. As he decided to take a leap of faith and move to Canada. Dr. Tang drove a Uhaul all the way from Windsor and made his move. He recalls that at that time, there were almost no other vehicles and pedestrians on the drive. “My heart was very depressed and confused.” Although he had already found a postdoctoral position at the University of Western in London, Ontario, Dr. Tang was not certain about his future as he immigrated to Canada.

After settling in Canada, Dr. Tang began to follow the traditional Chinese ideas and planned to take an academic path: after completing his postdoc, he applied for a teaching position and set up his laboratory. He completed two post-doctoral projects at McMaster University and the University of Toronto, where he followed the academic path step-by-step.

Completing a postdoc in Canada is very tough. The income is relatively low, and the language barrier makes Chinese scholars and native English-speaking doctors hard to communicate on a high level. He noticed that the scholars around him felt guilty applying for research funding, and many laboratories were cut or closed. So, he started pondering and asked himself “Is this the life I want? Is this a sustainable way to live my future in Canada?”

Dr. Tang Bin decisions

Big data mining online

Dr. Tang Bin has always had a sharp learning ability, he is good with big data analysis and is very design-oriented. Since his postdoctoral projects were related to the gene sequence, big data, he had a lot of research experience.

At the time, Google was just on the rise, and paid advertising was becoming well-known. Dr. Tang did some research on the ranking mechanism and algorithm of search engines and thought that his experience with big data could be heavily applied to Google’s ranking. “I may have seen this as an opportunity to plunge into the research and practice of digital marketing.”

Dr. Tang’s digital marketing path began with Affiliate marketing. He was doing his post-doctoral research while doing online promotions. “ The merchant only pays me the commission when there was a deal.” Due to his thorough understanding of Google’s algorithm and data analysis, Dr. Tang’s digital marketing knowledge and strategy came very handily. “It’s counting money every day.”

Dr. Tang represented hundreds of merchants, managed millions of dollars in ad spend, promoted tens of thousands of products and services, and his income soon surpassed the postdoctoral salary.

Dr. Tang Bin digital marketing

In early 2006, Dr. Tang resigned from the postdoctoral work at the University of Toronto and devoted himself to the digital marketing industry. While working as an independent digital marketing consultant, he worked at five different companies. He went from digital marketing manager to vice president, as he started succeeding in the field. A project he was responsible for was also included in a success story in Microsoft’s official website.


The birth of Noah Digital Marketing

The funding of Noah Digital was very fast. The demand for digital marketing was increasing, and local businesses were in desperate need of digital marketers. Dr. Tang once again successfully captured the changes in the market alongside Google’s ever-changing algorithm. In 2016, he resigned as the vice president of digital marketing and began to run his own digital marketing company with partner Mary Wang, to provide a full range of digital marketing solutions and marketing services for small and medium-sized businesses in China and Canada.

Dr. Tang Bin birth of Noah Digital Marketing

“Our service is different from the average agency. We provide the full package of digital marketing solutions to build a cross-channel digital marketing system for our customers. So far, our company has developed well and not only has stable customers, but it is also profitable. We’re getting ready for our own team in Beijing, developing artificial intelligence advertising platform, which will be ready to use soon!” says Dr. Tang.

Through the process of digital marketing, Dr. Tang has not only harvested wealth but also summed up many valuable life experiences.

Dr. Tang’s team members were always local young people. He was strict and cared about their growth, so they respected him as much as their own fathers. Since the establishment of Noah Digital Marketing, Dr. Tang has continued to cultivate young talents, because he firmly believes that the progress of each member has contributed to the growth of the entire company. Young people are quick with technology and always up-to-date with the ever-changing digital marketing trends and innovations. They are leaders in this fields.


Noah Digital Marketing


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