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How to write remarketing ads

4 Effective & Creative Ways to Write Remarketing Ads

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a form of online advertising. It is retargeting the audience who has already visited your website but left before turning into a conversion.  This can be due to many things such as not a good enough offer; they were doing their research before making their final decision, etc.

There are endless reasons why they left before buying, but what you know for sure, is that they visited your website. Now you have the opportunity to show them stronger ads that will finally convince them to complete a conversion.



You’d be surprised to know how many people creating ads are not taking advantage of remarketing ads. You know that this person is interested in your website. By showing yourself to them again, you become more familiar than new sites they haven’t looked at. Familiarity is key!


Retargeting with display ads: 70% more likely to convert



Let’s get started. Here are 4 ways to write effective & creative remarketing ads:


1. Create Urgency

Sometimes that little push is all they need. If they were already interested in your services/products, a sense of urgency would convince them.

Let’s be honest, these types of ads get most of us. I’m not saying that they aren’t true, but man, are they effective! They create a sense of urgency and drive you to make your decision quickly. Have you ever waited too long to buy something that was on sale, but when you were finally ready, it wasn’t on sale anymore? Happens to the best of us! That’s the first thought we have when we choose to ignore these urgency ads. Missing special offers and discounts haunts us, and the urgency effectively turns people into conversions very quickly.

remarketing ads example


The fear of missing out (FOMO) is a real thing! You can even input countdowns on your ads which creates a ticking clock for your remarketing ads.


2. Start with a desperate problem and give them a solution

The odds are that the audience that you are trying to reach already knows you and your product. Though they may not know your business entirely, they usually have a good idea of what your business is about, so skip wasting your time and money using the same ad you use for all your other campaigns. This one is different, and your objective is different. Think like someone who is interested in your product but for some reason or another has hesitations when it comes to committing to it entirely. Could this be because it takes too long, or it’s too expensive? Maybe it’s complicated. Whatever the case is, don’t be scared to identify what the concern may be in your ad clearly. The important thing here is that you give them a reason, with a benefit/solution for why this is a headache.

If it’s a higher price than the average industry, then explain WHY. Perhaps it will last longer. If its too confusing to install, provide them with a clear how-to list. There is always a reason why, and they are looking for that reason. If you can effectively communicate this with your ad copy, you’re golden.


3. Remarket what they are interested in

Many times, marketers will remarket their brand in general. However, the most effective way to do this is to show them the product that you already know that they are interested in. Have you ever looked at a pair of shoes for a couple of weeks? You keep seeing them everywhere you go online so much that you start having dreams of them.

Out of mind out of sight.


remarketing ads example

Image By Google

This is why digital marketing is so remarkably effective! It’s always there! The more you get used to the idea the more you fall in love with it. With Dynamic Remarketing you can automatically show ads with the products. It takes a step further than just remarketing ads. This way you can get those people who were a hair away from turning into a conversion.


4. Use discounts codes and promotions

Similar to point number 1, giving them that special code that they didn’t have the first time they saw your website may be all they needed to be convinced. It creates another sense of urgency and may feel like if they exit out, the code will expire or they will lose the code and never see the ad again.


remarketing ads example

Let’s be honest. Before buying something, we all look around to see where the best price is, and where the sale is at. It’s no different here. People are more than ever comparing every price online. If they don’t feel like they’re saving a cent with you, most of them will not buy anything. You have allowed them to feel that sense of accomplishment, and be proud that they found something at such a great deal.

This audience came to your site once and left once already. They can find a different price within seconds, and once they find that coupon somewhere else, no matter if the price is about the same, they will usually choose the one with the coupon. Why? Because they’re saving. So go ahead and test a promotion/code, see how effective it is for your business.


Let’s Get it Going! You can do this.

You have a huge advantage here; these people are already interested in your product/services! It’s an art of marketing, you need to be creative and think like your audience. Be realistic when thinking about why they may have left your website without converting. The more the ads speak to your customized audience, the more powerful they will be.


Can you think of any other ways of writing creative remarketing ads that you have seen work well? We would love to know! Feel free to comment below, or share with your friends as well 🙂


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