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Author: Maria Sol Carmona

Google AdWords is leaving its name after 18 amazing years, and launching an optimized service called Google Ads. Announced on July 10 on a LiveStream, Google wants to keep improving small businesses’ online exposure and make it even simpler for them to market themselves. By optimizing their services, the shift is happening mainly on Google’s current keyword focus. Lately, the main aspect for Google was its keywords, but now it will be focused on other formats as well, making ads a lot more flexible and diverse. From Google AdWords to Google Ads: everything you need to know is right here. A new advertising service tool that works for everyone; Google has based all these changes on 500 billion feedback comments from individuals! Crazy, right?

With fewer limitations and complexity on ads, Google is making the process a lot smoother for many businesses. This means that the power of digital marketing will only keep on skyrocketing, and competition will be as high as ever.
Google’s Goals:

→ Better results
→ Simple experiences
→ Stronger collaboration

How Google plans to achieve these goals:

→ Performance on YouTube
→ Better, more relevant search ads
→ Deeper insights that make it easier for you to better understand your customers

What is remarketing?

Remarketing is a form of online advertising. It is retargeting the audience who has already visited your website but left before turning into a conversion.  This can be due to many things such as not a good enough offer; they were doing their research before making their final decision, etc.

There are endless reasons why they left before buying, but what you know for sure, is that they visited your website. Now you have the opportunity to show them stronger ads that will finally convince them to complete a conversion.

If you have been playing around with the idea of becoming a sustainable business, studies prove that being sustainable has great benefits for businesses. Of course, the main goal here is to create a better community and care about our future. I know it takes a lot of effort and hard work to become sustainable, and sometimes it is easier to forget about it, but I encourage you to keep trying. Check out 3 (of many) powerful ways that sustainability can benefit your business.

Let’s think about influencers.

Influencers are people who have thousands of followers on social media. Nowadays they are a reliable marketing tool for any business. With reviews being so powerful, their thousands of followers truly trust these influencers and take their recommendations seriously.

Why are these people influencers? What are they doing that made thousands of people want to follow them? Let’s dive into 5 ways to up your social media game to increase your followers!

Connected devices in 2018: 8 billion
Connected devices in 2020: 20 billion

The online world is dramatically changing the way we do everything. Many may argue that digital connection is already at its peak, but they’re wrong. It’s still increasing, and there are still people who are not yet connected online. The world is transforming, and by 2020 there is expected to be 20 billion connected devices. Can you believe that?

Being connected to everything at all times is changing how consumers behave with retail stores. The digital shopping market is huge. Digital shoppers represent 1.8 billion of the global population… Hold on tight because it gets better! Keep reading to learn more crazy statistics!

Data is a powerful way to guide your strategy. It is your map to sales. It gives you hints and clues as to what does not work, and what does work. With testing and measuring, data broadens possibilities and the way to your customers.

As with anything, there is always something that gives us guidance. Consider data, your guide.

“Nearly ⅔ of leading organizations say that their executive treat data-driven insights as more valuable than gut instinct” Econsultancy and Google.

Being able to gather data from different sources, measuring different aspects of a truth, is the best way to gain the most knowledgeable data. This is why digital marketing is so powerful. Digital marketing allows you to gather data across all channels. You can see exactly where your conversions and sales are coming from. This includes social, direct, paid, organic, and referral.

For years now, businesses have been discussing sustainability in many different ways. It’s a topic of influence because people want to find ways to do things the most efficient way possible. An efficiency that will last and maintain its level for a long time. It’s ultimately the step to higher ROI (return on investment), and this is what funders are striving for: sustainability.

“The definition of sustainability is being able to maintain a certain level of success, or goals.” Essentially, a business is sustainable when it can have a minimal negative impact over long periods of time.

What do you mean sustainable marketing? How digital marketing transforms a business:
  1. Marketing automation
  2. Digital content creation
  3. Constant optimization practices

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Learn all about the retail evolution, and how in-store traffic is changing. Online advertising can help any business grow. You’re invited to join us for an event to learn more about how digital marketing can help you thrive on the web.

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