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5 Pinterest Tips for business users

5 Pinterest Tips For Business Owners

Though Pinterest is not as popular as other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, studies show that it still is extremely beneficial for a business. Business owners should take into account the power of Pinterest. It allows you to directly link to your website on your posts (unlike other platforms, like Instagram), and it also helps your SEO immensely.

With Pinterest, your images are searchable, and they get even more views and visits to your website. By linking back to your website and adding the right keywords, you can increase your organic traffic by a good amount every day.

If you already have content going on, and other social media accounts, you’re already a step ahead! All you need to do is just open your Pinterest account and start pinnin’ away. It’s easy.

At Noah, we had forgotten about our Pinterest account, until I read an article that made me want to retry marketing through it (we had tried in the past). With it being up for just 1 month, we received 1,700 monthly views and several website visits.

Here are 5 Pinterest tips for business users:


1. Brand Message

Pinterest gives you the ability to create several boards with different titles and names, and create a sort of category. It’s the perfect place for visual people and ones that do not necessarily like to read long blogs. With a quick infographic or video, you can market your brand message within seconds.

Pinterest Tips For Business Users monthly viewers


As you can see, by posting just 3 pictures and making sure our brand awareness was captured all throughout our profile, we were able to reach the right audience, and start to engage with followers through our boards and pins. We got 1.7K views with just these 3 pictures above. Crazy, right?! Try it!


2. Rich Media (infographics, videos, quotes)

One of the best places to promote your rich media is Pinterest. With keywords, you can help your images rank on Google images almost as much as you can do with your blog section. Unlike than Instagram and Facebook, you don’t need to have an account to see the images. So when other users search for a keyword on Google, your Pinterest post will come up as well! Even users without a Pinterest account will be able to see it.  They help your keywords rank, and with the right linking, you can drive users back to your website.

Pinterest Tips For Business Users infographics

The tricky part about Pinterest is that captions aren’t very eye-catching, so you really have to put effort into making sure your picture both describes the topic well and also gives the user a call-to-action button in order to receive that website visit.


3. Call-To-Action Buttons & Links

My favorite part about Pinterest is being able to add a link to the picture. No matter where the user clicks on your picture you can take them directly to your website. You can post infographics or images that you’ve used on blogs, and link them directly to your blog. This helps your bounce rate, and your traffic will be much more relevant. Instead of only linking them to your homepage, you’ll be able to link them to your products/services or blog section and this will help you a lot with your website traffic, and SEO.

Pinterest Tips For Business Users call-to-action

I like to add call-to-action buttons on some of my pictures. Since the link works when you click anywhere on the image when the user goes to my call-to-action button, they directly go to the link I added on the picture. It works wonders!


4. Create Multiple Boards

Make sure you’re staying organized. Many users only follow boards instead of accounts.

For example, we have a board called “Social Media”, and another under the name “Motivation and Inspiration”, someone who may be interested in social media, may not be interested in motivation and inspiration. This motivates people to follow boards they’re interested in because they don’t have to see other content you post that they’re not necessarily interested in.

Pinterest Tips For Business Users boards

Make sure you’re posting on the right board, and don’t mix them up! These boards serve as a keyword. People search boards such as “Cooking recipes” or “digital marketing tips”, so make sure you’re also putting good thought into the name of the board, and think of what people would search to find it.


5. Like & Follow Other Boards

Just like any other social media platform, go and get social! In order to make yourself known start following relevant boards, and liking posts that relate to your content. Everytime you save or re-pin a post, the person gets a notification, so start re-pinning, liking and following!

The more exposure, the better. Plus chances are that once these people follow you back, their followers will notice your posts as well!


There you go!

Take advantage of the amazing benefits of Pinterest, and remember that quality over quantity. Don’t just post pictures for the sake of it. Post quality pictures that give useful information, or relevant knowledge to your target audience. You will see the increase in monthly views right away.

Try it just like we did! Open up your account, and post 3 posts. I want to see your results!

Feel free to comment down below or email us at search@noahdigital.ca

Noah Digital Marketing

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