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Case Studies

Living M City Team

13.35% Conversion Rate and Less than $10 per VIP Registration

The M City Condos developed by the Rogers Real estate Development Ltd. was launched on March 22nd, 2017.  Two weeks before the launch, the client asked us to promote this project using Google AdWords.  Besides Google AdWords, they also used flyer and newspaper ads.   They wanted to see which one was the most effective channel.

The Challenge

There were many other realtors competing in the market in such a short period of time.  We only had 4 days to do all the preparation work including setting up campaigns, conversion tracking and optimizing the landing page. The client planned to run the campaigns for 2-3 weeks with $1000 targeting both English and Chinese communities.  The daily budget is very limited.

The Strategy

The strategy was to hit the market heavily in the first 1-2 weeks depending on when the units would be sold out. Both search ads and display ads were running targeting English and Chinese market.  When noticing one campaign performed very well, we aggressively increased the daily budget to acquire most of the traffic available on the market.


13.35% Conversion Rate and Less than $10 per VIP Registration

We drove 223,641 impressions, 1,222 clicks, 95 registrations at $9.55 per conversion.  The AdWords campaign not only generated VIP registrations for MCity Condos project, but also established the client’s brand awareness in GTA. Besides, the ads were served on hundreds of websites including popular ones such as,,,,,, youtube and many other popular Chinese sites. Google campaigns are trackable, measurable and cost-effective.  You know what you get for every dollar spent.  Compared to flyer and newspaper ads, the result from Google AdWords campaign is unrivaled.

Key Takeaways

It is important to plan your campaign well.  From campaign setting, keywords, ad copy, display banners to landing page, make sure everything is done right and optimized.
Monitoring your campaigns closely is the key to a successful campaign.  Optimize your campaign by adding new keywords, adjusting your bidding and daily budget for optimal results.